Mysore. M. Nagaraj &
Dr. Mysore. M. Manjunath


Mysore M. Nagaraj & Dr. Mysore M. Manjunath, the sons and disciples of renowned violinist Sangeetha VidhyaNidhi Prof. S.Mahadevappa, were child prodigies who matured quickly to emerge as one of the top ranking violinists in India today. Raised in an atmosphere redolent with music, the brothers mastered an unique style characterized by pristine purity, lucidity, melody, super clarity and perfect rhythm. Individually both are complete musicians having established themselves as artists with rare insight, classicism & technical sophistication.
Their exceptional musical talents were first revealed at very tender age of 9 when they stormed into the music world sweeping all the music lovers & critics off their feet by their extraordinary musical acumen and technical virtuosity. Acclaimed as child prodigies with astonishing musicianship, Nagaraj and Manjunath matured blossoming in the field of South Indian "classical musicals one of the leading Instrumentalists in the country. From child prodigies to Trail blazers, captivating audiences & critics, Mysore brothers have created unrivalled record as star performers in prestigious organizations world over.

Mysore Brothers make a formidable violin Duet team and are one of the leading exponents of Classical Instrumental Music in India today. Their performances feature an extraordinary range of musical expressions from the deepest meditations to astonishing virtuosity with outstanding artistic imagination. As critics admit, their concerts are filled with peace, tranquility and exhilaration-result of superb fingering & bowing techniques creating breathtakingly beautiful melodies.

Both Nagaraj and Manjunath have won the coveted Best Violinist awards from the prestigious Madras Music Academy many times. In 1986, Nagaraj was declared to be one of the top 22 musicians in Carnatic music & today, he is among a handful of A'Top artists in the country. Excelling academically as well, Manjunath graduated from the University of Mysore, securing First Rank and 3 Gold Medals in Masters in music with a distinction of scoring the highest marks in the entire arts faculty. Recently the University of Mysore awarded him the Ph.D for his scholarly thesis on Violin. Currently he is on the faculty of Department Of Music at the University of Mysore.

Being true performing artists, the Mysore Brothers appeal to varied audiences & know how best to blend good artistry, virtuosity & concert-craft, developing rapport with the listeners. The brothers are a musical phenomenon to whom perfection of tone and execution come as spontaneously as the free & unfretted flow of their ideas. Laurels & accolades kept pouring in from their childhood. Their Violin Concerts have been featured in innumerable festivals & conferences all over the world. Mysore brothers received innumerable awards including the Best Violinist awards from Music Academy and Indian fine arts society, Excellence award from American Institute of World culture, State award from the government of Karnataka, Sangeetha Samrat, Sangeetha Rathna, Ganakalashree etc. Mysore Nagaraj& Mysore Manjunath, the true cultural ambassadors of India, have enthralled audiences in USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, England, Germany, France, Gulf countries, Switzerland, Austria-etc. Their dexterity at their art has taken them to perform in several prestigious Universities as well.

Srimushnam Raja Rao:
Srimushnam Rajarao was a childhood prodigy and started performing at the age of 7. He has an illustrious musical heritage going back to his great grand father Sri Sethumadhava Rao, a renowned mridangist cum musician.
Sri. Rajarao got his initial training from his father Vidwan Venkataramana Rao and subsequently tom the well-known Kumbhakonam Rajappa Iyer.
Sri Rajarao has captured the hearts of music lovers in India as well as abroad with his versatile and masterly performance on the mridangam. His artistry, consistent technical perfection have made Sri. Rajarao one of the leading mridangist in the Carnatic music scene.
Sri Rajarao has been conferred numerous titles and has won several awards including “Kalaimamani” (Government of Tamilnadu), “Rasika Kalaratna” (Sydney), “Sangeetha Ratnakara” (Cleveland Aradha Committee) and Best Mridangist award (Music Academy, Madras). Sri Rajarao has performed all over the world including numerous visits to USA.


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